Your challenge is to find the 7 differences with The Simpsons within a 17-second timeframe

We invite you to kickstart the week by engaging in this playful activity with us.

Discover the distinctions in the two images we present below.

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Once you identify the differences, share your answers in the comments below the article or on any of our pages.

Uncover the 7 differences: While these two images from The Simpsons may appear identical, there are 7 crucial points where they differ. Can you discern them?

You have until Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. to pinpoint the 7 differences.

Who will emerge as the fastest detective in this challenge?

Best of luck, and don’t hesitate to join in!

The deadline has passed for attempting to locate the 7 key points where these two images from ‘The Simpsons’ differ. Were you successful?

The 7 differences are situated in:

The door knocker

The hedge on the left

The grass next to Lisa

The window on Marge’s bun

The bricks of the wall

Homer’s ear

The tree behind the roof of the house.

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