The record is 11 seconds: can you find which couple is brother and sister? See the answer in the link in the comments👇👇👇👇

Besides being a source of entertainment, solving puzzles and riddles also has many benefits.

Solving riddles and puzzles strengthens the connection between brain cells, which helps improve memory.

Puzzle games train your brain to see different approaches to problems. And finally, visual puzzles help train your eye muscles.

In the next puzzle that we present to you, try to guess which of the three couples in the picture is brother and sister.

The record is 11 seconds.

Who are brother and sister?

Did you manage to discover the secret of the puzzle we presented to you?

Before revealing the solution, we want to encourage you to review the challenge and try to find the answer. Think about different strategies and approaches that could be the key to solving this problem.

If you’ve already tried and think you’ve found the solution, or you’re just curious and want to know the answer, get ready!

The solution to this intriguing task can be found in the rest of the article.

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