The little boy and the little girl go on stage and perform their dance. The jury immediately liked their performance

Dancing skills are acquired from childhood. When a child loves music, or starts dancing as soon as music plays, we can say that there is already an interest and very quickly it will be seen as a hobby. In many competitions, such children are often revealed and drive the audience crazy. During the children’s competition organized in 2017, one couple stood out. Paige Glenn, 8, and Artyon Celestine, 9, played together. Their dance number was very wonderful, everything was great, they danced and enjoyed their audience. Even Paige continued her performance on the judges table at one point, they were amazed, it was the first time she had done something like that.

The audience was also surprised. The jury could not decide what was happening on stage. The couple danced very well, they gave great emotions to the room. They managed to captivate the entire room and viewers with their magnificent dance. They received around 70% of the votes. They were constantly applauded, and it seemed like the applause didn’t stop, and the children kept smiling while holding hands. Such a beautiful and moving performance was the first time on this stage and hopefully not the last time. They left taking with them the love and appreciation of the public. Their performance was considered successful, because everything was really wonderful, the movements, the music and of course the dance clothes, everything was very well thought out, and the jury thought of victory and awarded them a well-deserved victory. Such abilities need constant nurturing and nurturing.

Children especially like to be the center of attention. Even a big round of applause or a word of praise will lift them up and move them forward. Every talented child deserves to find their unique place in life and experience an environment that is interesting and important to them. Being talented is a very important prerequisite for a child to succeed. Those people for whom it is important that a child is enthusiastic about the world and his future career will undoubtedly inspire their child and he will succeed immediately.


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