Test your intelligence: find the only mistake in the image!

This image contains an element completely at odds with the landscape, something so disconnected that it could never exist. Can you guess?

Looking for inconsistencies and errors is something we do naturally in our daily lives. Who has never looked for a long time for an object that was not stored in the right place? And when we analyze the card statement looking for incorrect data that could justify such a high value?

It usually takes a while for each person to realize what is wrong with the figure. In fact, at first, the only thing that holds our attention is the happiness of this family having fun in the snow, as if they had planned a Saturday morning for that.

But when you start to look a little deeper at the figure, you realize that something is really conflicting with the landscape. For the most perceptive and perceptive, recognizing that the butterfly is in the wrong drawing should not have been difficult. If you haven’t found the answer or are wondering why it’s wrong, it’s because butterflies don’t fly freely during harsh winters, they are extremely delicate and can die instantly. See answer below:

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