See how quickly you can spot the mistake in this vintage photo!

A vintage illustration featuring a glaring error has sparked debate and left observers perplexed.

If you are a regular visitor to our site, you probably know that the puzzles we share are not easy to crack.

However, we always encourage you to do your best and enjoy solving puzzles and puzzles!

This time we challenge you to identify the error in the vintage graphic above.

Upon close inspection, you will quickly notice three birds flying around, feasting on seeds left by a caring human.

You may also notice that the entire scene is covered in snow, with a colorful building in the background. But where is the error?

Something is wrong in this picture. In fact, one could argue that there are three errors in total!

Take a moment to think before revealing the solution.

The problem comes from the birds.

There are two swallows and a swift, and all these birds should be far away as they migrate to warmer regions before winter.

Could you crack this difficult puzzle on your own?

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