Mom is gone for a week. Everything was different in this house when he returned

Sometimes we need to know for sure whether it is worth living next to the person we live with. If you don’t believe me, just ask Katya, who has three children, how she felt returning home after a weekend away from her home in another city…and what her husband’s activities were like during that time.

Kate, a mother of three, had days off, but her husband had other plans besides relaxing. Instead, he planned to make her feel special with a big bedroom-style surprise. Miles thought it would be a good idea to completely redo their room while his wife was gone.

He started by lifting up the worn carpet that covered the entire floor. Every evening, after putting his children to bed, he would go to the garage for dyeing. He brought the room back to life by repainting it all night. After the drywall is finished, the new floor could be installed.

Miles did it all by himself, he even took care of three children. Wow what a dad! The next step is furniture placement. The kids stepped in and helped him finish. The only thing he had to do was wait for Kate to arrive. She didn’t understand how Miles had done it.

Despite the fact that she had just gone away for the weekend, Miles took the opportunity to show off how wonderful he is. Once the work is completed, it will certainly be a breathtaking sight. Watch the video below for a detailed look at the reconstruction. He accomplished an extraordinary job in just one weekend. Applause from us.

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