She has completely neglected herself! Fans cannot see the beauty of Ivon in her current form as an actress.

Do you remember the beauty Ivon from the movie “Serendipity”? You’ll be surprised, but she doesn’t look the same today. Fans couldn’t recognize their favorite actress from the 90s.

Brigitte Fonda has ended her career and decided she can relax. It seems like the star has stopped taking care of herself at all, has gained weight and looks unkempt.

“By the way, the actress is only 59 years old, but fans believe that she looks much older than her age. She doesn’t even color her outgrown grayness and makes no effort to maintain her appearance appropriately.”

““I refuse to believe that, that’s not Brigitte!”, “I was in love with her once! Oh, what time does to women!”, “She has finally lost herself!”, “She doesn’t look anything like the beauty Yvonne!”, “It’s a shame, she was an ideal!”,” – write the actress’s fans in the comments.”

Did you recognize the actress in the latest photos?

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