If you can find the star, the pencil, and the cup, you are a true genius

The game we propose today involves a quick and intuitive visual challenge.

You have only 6 seconds to find three objects: the star, the pencil, and the cup.

Only a small percentage of people have managed to spot these three details in the image in such a short time.

Can you do it?

The real difficulty of this visual challenge lies in the limited time available.

Six seconds pass quickly, but you must already be ready to find the star, the pencil, and the cup.

In the proposed image, three guys are seen, two with skateboards and one with rollerblades.

Right among them, these three hidden objects can be found.

But where are they?

Thanks to similar skill tests, you can figure out where the three required objects are depicted.

In fact, the more your mind is trained with visual challenges of this type, the greater the chance of quickly solving this puzzle.

It’s definitely a fun way to test yourself.

Not only can you try to answer individually, but you can also involve family and friends.

Who among you will answer correctly and only in six seconds?

If you’ve come this far, it means you haven’t found the solution yet or just want to make sure you answered correctly.

Here’s where the star, the pencil, and the cup are located.

The star is drawn on the blue T-shirt of the first guy.

Perhaps this was the easiest to find. But there were the other two objects to spot in six seconds.

The pencil is under the shoe of the guy in the middle.

Finally, the cup is right in the rollerblades of the last guy.

Only by continuing to practice will you have a better chance of answering the next visual test quickly.

Get ready and challenge your friends in these fun online games.

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