Brain teaser. Where in the picture is the lady, the partner of this gentleman, hiding?

Physical culture and sports in modern society are one of the most important factors for maintaining and strengthening people’s health, improving their culture, a way of communication, active leisure, and an alternative to harmful habits and addictions. A sport as active as tennis appeared quite a long time ago. However, in England, Italy, and France, people enjoyed playing tennis since the 13th century. An analogue of tennis and baseball in our country could be called “lapta.”

Let’s move on to our puzzle.

To impress a lady, a not-so-young man named Arthur (aged 45-50) invited the lady to play tennis. The action took place in Bristol. No, not in the beverage store, but in the city in England. By the way, during those times (13th-14th centuries), it was quite successful.

Arthur decided to warm up and started hitting the ball against the wall. He had no idea that his companion had already arrived at the court and was ready to play.

Where is the girl, Arthur’s partner, in the picture?

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