The famous actor liked the dog at first sight and the two struck up a friendship

Adopting an animal from a shelter is a big responsibility. These animals need much more attention and care than their domestic brethren. An American actor decided to give a home to a dog who had spent most of its life chained up. As soon as he saw a photo of the animal, the man knew they would become friends.

The dog lived in a kennel and could not get out of it as it was chained to the place with a rather short chain.

A golden retriever lived on a dog farm in North Korea. Other dogs lived in cages, sometimes they were taken from the farm and the dog was never seen again.

After a while, people came and decided to rescue them. Volunteers took the dogs away from the farm and started looking for new families for them.

A video of a chained dog has hit the internet. It was on the canvas that Daniel Henney, an actor from the X-Men film, saw it. The man immediately liked the dog and contacted volunteers.

Daniel offered to meet the dog and its temporary guardians on neutral ground. To begin with, the actor and the dog had to meet, because it is not only the person’s wish that matters, but also the person’s disposition towards it.

The actor and the retriever fell in love from the first seconds – the animal snuggled up to the man and would not move away from him.

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