Homeless teacher could never have imagined such help from former student

José Villaruel is 77 years old, he worked for many years as a substitute teacher and was a well-known personality in all the city’s schools.

Mr. V, as he was called by his many students, was always ready to work.

José Villarruel, from Mexico, worked in southern California, United States, and sent most of his income to his sick wife back home.

Uncle José lost his job due to the epidemic and the move to online teaching.

As the man continued to send money to his relatives in Mexico, Social Security benefits were not enough to cover housing costs.

His house had been transformed into an old car. One day, Steven Nava was passing by.

He repeatedly saw a boy alive in the car. That day, however, Steve realized he knew this person.

It was Mr. V, his former teacher! After asking him how this poor man ended up in such a situation, Steve rented him a hotel room and gave him $300 for the first time.

Steven Nava decided to reach out on social media to people who knew Mr. V, hoping first and foremost for his students.

The old man couldn’t believe his eyes when, on his birthday, he received a proud sum of $27,000 from Steve, collected by students and kind people who participated in fundraising after reading student reviews about the teacher.

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