Siamese twins separated at age 4. Now both sisters are 20 years old and this is what they look like

In February 2002, couple Jake and Erin had two daughters, he named them Kendra and Malia. Their birth caused mixed feelings as they turned out to be conjoined twins.

The young parents were very happy about the new addition to the family, but immediately worried about their fate.

Until the age of 4, Kendra and Malia lived together in the same body, but then their parents firmly decided to separate them, giving each of them the opportunity to be themselves.

They only had two legs and each could only control one. But the girls quickly learned to work together and were able to move and play that way.

In 2006, a team of 31 specialists carried out the most difficult procedure to separate conjoined twins.

It took more than a day, and the event itself was widely covered in the media and on television, making them minor celebrities.

The girls were separated at the age of 4. They had to adapt to a new life and they adapted very quickly.

In just 3 years, they began attending school and even engaging in creativity. They could spend hours painting in their room while singing their favorite song.

For their difficult journey, they were considered school heroes and their classmates always tried to help them in everything. Now both girls are 20 years old.

Having the possibility of being far from each other, they still prefer to always be together.

Both sisters have even obtained a driving license and are excellent drivers.

The sisters have their own YouTube channel and pages on social networks, where they share interesting events from their lives.

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