Find the lost dog in 5 seconds. If you can do this, you are an excellent observer

Are you a fan of visual challenges and intelligence tests and always want to try new ones? We challenge you to solve this tricky puzzle. Only a few managed to find the right solution without looking at the end of the article. The image below shows a scene in a park where a dog has been lost and its owner is desperately searching for it. The goal of the game is to find him in just 5 seconds. If you have excellent visual skills and a good sense of observation we are sure you will have no problem finding it. But remember the deadline.

Facing tests of this type is a way to stimulate the mind and improve one’s intellectual abilities. It’s about paying close attention to the details and the smallest details present in the image. Finding the lost dog is not at all easy especially because you only have 5 seconds.

The setting for today’s challenge is that of a park where there are several people: a girl with colorful balloons, a mother with a child eating ice cream, an elderly gentleman feeding the pigeons. Among them, however, is the owner of a dog who lost it and is desperately looking for it. Are you able to find it in just 5 seconds?

It is not at all easy to solve this challenge and if you can’t do it, don’t get discouraged. This means that you need to continue training and doing mental exercises. Only in this way you will sharpen your visual skills and discover the hidden element in less time.

Meanwhile, if you want to know where the lost dog is, just look at the solution below.

Here’s where the lost dog is

Today’s challenge was really difficult. There was very little time available and finding the dog was almost impossible. His silhouette was well hidden by the surrounding elements.

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