According to the research: These are the most handsome men on the planet

Scientifically proven attractiveness? A new research shows that beauty really can be measured. Here you’ll find the top six most handsome men in the world.

It is often difficult to explain why we find someone attractive, but the fact is that we only subconsciously notice certain characteristics. Facial symmetry is most important. Using a new technology, scientists have compared different faces with a perfectly symmetrical model. The result is a ranking of the six most handsome men on the planet.

6th place: Will Smith

The 51-year-old actor finds himself in 6th place: according to the research, his face is 88.88% symmetrical.

5th place: David Beckham

The former footballer opens the top five with 88.96%, but he finds himself in this place not only because of his attractive face, but also because of his tattoos and his charm.

4th place: Harry Styles

Not only does he have an angelic voice, but he also has a very symmetrical face: the result 89.63%.

3rd place: Brad Pitt

Have you ever thought that Brad Pitt is not one of the six most attractive men in the world? With a score of 90.51%, the actor occupies a solid third place in the scientific beauty rankings.

2nd place: Bradley Cooper

The talented actor has been on every hot list since The Hangover. And he was convincing in the research too: his face is 91.8 per cent symmetrical, giving him second place.

1st place: George Clooney

An irrefutable victory: with 91.86%, the actor’s face is the most attractive. It’s not for nothing that he has twice been named the most attractive man in the world. Who can resist this male attractiveness?

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