To go and never come back. The 5 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

Do you consider yourself a real hero? Try to go to one of these places. Although there are more dangerous places on the planet, but for some reason, a lot of tourists continue to go there. Some of them even stay there forever.

We have selected 5 places on Earth for those who like to feel on the edge. It is worth noting that this list of the most ” horrible places ” does not only include natural anomalies or places with dangerous animals. Also included are ” human-made hells” on Earth, which you should not go into if you value your life and health.

Keimada Grandi Island

The island of Queimada Grande, in the Atlantic Ocean, is known to be extremely dangerous for people suffering from herpetophobia (fear of snakes). The island is literally crawling with venomous reptiles, which can be found on every square meter of land, as well as in the crown of trees. One of the main inhabitants of the island is the poisonous snake, the island botrops, which is considered one of the most dangerous species of snakes for humans on the planet. Although the island is a nature reserve and is closed to visitors, some brave people still dare to take such a step. They are forced to sign documents absolving the government of responsibility for a possible fatality.

Manchak Swamps

Manchac Swamps is a place that attracts fans of extreme sensations. Here the mystical and the real are intertwined. According to legend, two centuries ago a witch put a curse on this place, where Voodoo magic still works. People disappear without a trace in this area, and settlements near the “bewitched” place were destroyed by powerful hurricane wind. Attempts to drain the swamps and destroy the trees around them have resulted in several deaths. In addition, the swamps are teeming with crocodiles, posing a real threat.

The Desert of Danakil

One of the most amazing and dangerous places on the planet is called the Danakil Desert, located in the northeast of Africa. These truly fantastic landscapes attract the most notorious extreme people. A traveler in the desert risks being poisoned by the toxic fumes of a multicolored sulfur lake, stepping on a dormant volcano and being boiled alive, or falling into the hands of local residents — feral Ethiopians ready to kill for food. In addition, there is nowhere to hide from the unbearable heat, which reaches 63 degrees Celsius. And for everything as a reward — only magnificent surreal landscapes.

Pripyat and Chernobyl

The city of Pripyat in Ukraine is one of the most dangerous and frightening places on earth. In 1986, the largest disaster occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, which affected more than 8 million people. Currently, the Pripyat area remains extremely dangerous because of high radiation levels, especially in the suburbs, where the dosimeter shows an unsafe radiation background. Nevertheless, there are people who want to visit this “dead city” where nuclear power specialists once lived. One-, two-, three- and seven-day tours are regularly organized for this purpose, with prices starting at $29. However, it is not safe to walk through the streets and enter the premises without special protective suits, and it is strictly forbidden to take any items out of the city and drink the local water. Pripyat will remain an exclusion zone for hundreds of years to come.

Bermuda Triangle

Shrouded in mysticism and fear is the anomalous zone – the Bermuda Triangle. In this area ships and planes disappear under mysterious circumstances. There are still no explanations for the phenomenon. One of the most plausible is the version according to which a large cloud of methane periodically rises from the seabed. The gas, saturating the water, reduces its density and it is not able to hold multi-ton ships and even people overboard. As for plane crashes, the cause is the same methane. At high concentrations in the air, it restricts the access of oxygen to the engines, while at lower concentrations it causes ignition.

There are many mysterious and dangerous places on Earth. They can be represented by treacherous mountain peaks, poisonous lakes, swampy marshes, active volcanoes, as well as crime-prone cities, wild tribes and anomalous man-made zones. Our planet is amazing and diverse, and what can be both beautiful and deadly can be just a few steps away.

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