The girl burst into tears when her mother gave her a dog from the shelter

A 10-year-old girl from the USA once came across a photo of a dog from a shelter and fell in love with this wonderful creature. Seeing how her daughter wants a dog, her mom decided to give her the most desired surprise.


A 10-year-old girl from the USA named Alexandria spent several months browsing the pages of animal shelters on social networks. She really wanted a dog, and one day she came across a photo of this pit bull at the Arizona Humane Society shelter.

The girl fell in love with this dog at first sight, and from that day she began to tell everyone about him and ask her parents to take him. “When she saw his picture, she cried. And she also promised to take care of him and always love him if we take him,” says the girl’s mother, Angela.

It turned out that the dog’s name was Wyatt, and he was once brought to the shelter from the street. According to the descriptions of the employees, he is a very kind and cute dog who makes friends with everyone he meets. In response to the girl’s persuasion to take the dog, the mom was hesitant at first – she told her daughter that she needed to take her time. All this time, Alexandria was checking the shelter’s page, afraid that the dog would be taken away…

A few days later, the girl’s mother decided to surprise her. She and her family decided to take the dog, but did not talk about it to Alexandria. When Angela took the dog from the shelter, she went with him to her daughter’s school. She met her after school – and the girl could not contain her emotions when she saw the dog!

The girl immediately started crying and approached Wyatt, and he was very glad to see her. From that day on, the two are inseparable: “We take him with us everywhere. To the store, on walks, on trips. He is a very cute and loving doggie. He’s smart, knows a lot of commands, and loves hugging,” says the girl’s mother. That’s the kind of love!

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