“Every day she heard her mother saying, ‘You’re ugly and have a big nose.'”

Jennifer Aniston, best known for her fantastic role in the series “Friends”, has also appeared in many other well-known films such as “We are the Millers” and “Kill the Boss”.

However, Jennifer Aniston didn’t have an easy time living with her mother. Everywhere she went she was criticized and hurt by her mother, which came to light later in her life. Nancy Dow, Jennifer’s mother, who is also an actress, tried her best to raise her child.

Jennifer knew about her parents’ destructive marriage that ended in divorce. After the separation, she stayed with her mother, who constantly criticized her at every step for her physical “defects”, including her nose being too big, her eyes being too wide apart, and also the few pounds she had gained during puberty.

Growing up, Jennifer thought she was “ugly” because that was the only thing her mother reminded her of, destroying her confidence and self-esteem. Although she lived with an extremely beautiful mother, she could not be anything like her physically or intellectually.

Jennifer did not have a close relationship with her father and instead relied on her mother’s erratic behavior. When Jennifer once spoke out against her mother’s criticism, her mother laughed in her face and “taught” her to accept criticism in silence.

She also had dyslexia, which is a learning disability that primarily causes problems with reading, writing and spelling. This caused serious learning difficulties for her.

But in the midst of it all, Jennifer realized she wasn’t as terrible as she was led to believe and questioned whether her mother was wrong about her. After getting her first job in Hollywood, Jen gained more confidence, especially after her nose job. But her mother was not happy with her success. The immense success of the American sitcom “Friends” was marred by an interview by her mother in which she persistently humiliated her in public. Afterwards, Jennifer promised herself never to speak to her mother again and even missed the wedding to Brad Pitt. She didn’t speak to her mother for 15 years.

After many years of therapy and all the hard years of growing up, Jennifer had a profound revelation. She feels that despite all the accusations and harsh criticism her mother threw at her, it has made her more resilient today.

“My mother spoke to me like that because she loved me and wanted the best for me. She didn’t mean to be cruel; “She just didn’t realize that the suffering she was causing me would only end after many years of therapy.” Jennifer Aniston said her upbringing is the reason she is who she is.

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