The elderly dog was left alone because there was no one to look after it

Sometimes even purebred animals that have lived all their lives in the same family are left alone.

And so it happened to Archie. He lived with his owner for 11 years, reaching an advanced age. However, the woman was no longer able to look after her beloved pet due to illness.

So he had to be sent to the Polyanka shelter in St. Petersburg. He has never been walked in the street and only goes to the diaper at home. He is a very friendly and well-mannered boy who has become stressed due to the change of residence.

He didn’t stay at the shelter long. New owners came to take him in. Archie now lives with Maria.

Here’s what the new owner says about the animal: “Archie is terribly jealous, he slept in bed with me all night. I came home from work and he wouldn’t leave my side. In the morning he was worried that I had left, but then he calmed down, as soon as I came in he started kissing me and wouldn’t let anyone near me. He walks willingly but goes to the toilet at home.”

We hope he has many more happy years with his new family!

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