The camera captured the lost husky, who lived in the forest with a friend deer for several days in a row.

The loss of a beloved pet is one of the worst things that can happen. We worry and draw the most terrible scenarios in our heads, not knowing where he is now and what our pet had to face.

And Canadian Rachel Howatt knows firsthand about such sensations.

Last winter, her husky Koda somehow escaped and disappeared from the yard. Rachel began to look for her in the woods adjacent to the house, but this did not give any results. But a few days later the dog returned alive and unharmed, and it turned out that an extraordinary adventure had happened to it.

It took the girl several days to decide upon checking the cameras of the neighbors, since Koda could have been recorded by them. And her guesses turned out to be justified: one camera actually recorded a husky.

Moreover, it was not there alone, but together with a newfound friend, who turned out to be a male deer that had jumped up from the forest.

It turned out that the dog and the deer spent several days together, they played, walked and fell asleep. It seems that the dog was very comfortable in the company of the deer and did not pay any attention to the fact that this animal was of a different species.

A short moment was also filmed when Koda was surrounded by two deer and they were also very comfortable in the company of the dog.

Then, apparently, hunger and longing for the owner forced the wandering pet to return to his home.

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