The brutal trucker couldn’t help but cry when he found the partner cat he had lost.

A trucker from the US state of Texas, Matthew, had a rather unusual creature as a partner. For three years, the cat named Ash has already become his best friend and traveled with him in a truck across the vast expanses of the United States.

A few years ago, the inseparable couple was in the state of Ohio, in the town of Springfield, and then Ash somehow sneaked out of the cab and, frightened of an unfamiliar place, ran into the bushes. For several hours, Matthew searched for the cat, but all to no avail.

And, since he could not find the cat, he was forced to move on. And all this time the driver tried to take work exactly in those places where he had lost the cat. And he was helped by an unfamiliar woman named Kimberly, who found a cat and sent him to a shelter for save homeless animals.

Much to his delight, Ash was equipped with a microchip and they managed to trace its owner. The cat’s employees could not believe that he lived two and a half thousand kilometres away.

Employees contacted Matthew by phone and told him the news, which made him incredibly happy. When the man learnt that his pet was found, he immediately came to pick it up. And when he saw his pet, the brutal trucker was unable to control the surging emotions.

He called their meeting a Christmas miracle, hugged his cat and burst into tears.

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