Schoolchildren have come up with a device that helps a disabled father to walk with his child

Jeremy King from Maryland in the USA underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor. Three years after that, he began to have problems with balance while walking. He started using a wheelchair. In 2020, Jeremy and his wife Chelsea found out that they were having a baby.

The couple worried about how Jeremy would walk with the child and help with household chores. Chelsea turned to a colleague at school for help. She asked him, along with high school students, to come up with a stroller for the child that could be attached to a wheelchair.

The class was divided into two groups. One worked on the creation of the design (based on a child car seat). Others are over how to connect it to a wheelchair. The guys often called Jeremy to get his opinion and get recommendations. “The students took into account everything I told them and put their hearts into creating this model,” said Jeremy.

Chelsea and Jeremy tried out the design a few weeks after their son was born. “It’s been really great to use the pram. I never thought I’d be able to walk with my son before,” said Jeremy. “Most people can get out for a walk with their family, but for me it was very ddifficult”

The teacher believes that anyone with a little manual ability can make such a contraption. Besides, it doesn’t cost much to make. Chelsea at first thought that the project would only be the fulfilment of a personal request. Now she is glad that it has evolved into something more. Such a design can help other people with disabilities as well.

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