Pregnant woman boards a plane with no symptoms of labor and gets off with her baby in her arms

Newborns usually demand milk and nappy changes at all hours of the day and night, disregarding their parents, their precious sleep and schedules. However, one newborn has taken this trend to an extreme.

One thing is for sure: when one woman’s child grows up, she will have an amazing story to tell. For now, however, the adorable baby is not yet aware of the problems she has created in the air.

Liliana Acevedo Castaneda was flying from Mexico to Atlanta when she was pregnant and there was no sign that she would give birth that day.

When the plane took off, the pregnant woman, its passengers, flight attendants and the captain did not know what to expect.

After an hour of flight, Castaneda realized that she was in labor. The baby was about to be born.

The on-board nurse started to assist Castaneda, carried her to the back of the plane and gave her oxygen. The mother-to-be was told that she could not deliver the baby for safety reasons.

At that moment, it was about four hours before they arrived.

Finally, after a difficult journey, the plane began to land at high speed so that the mother and her newborn baby could get the help they needed. Firefighter Vanetta Nash, who was on the scene, recalls:

“As we approached the gate, we noticed that the plane was coming in too fast.”

The plane finally landed at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and doctors rushed to the plane to deliver the woman.

Fortunately, the plane arrived on time and Analia was able to be born in good conditions. Loud shouts announced her arrival. The celebrations began. Then Nash said:

One of the stewardesses stepped up to the microphone and was able to say, “Hey, we have a girl!”

As if it were a scene from a film, the other passengers applauded wildly. A baby girl was finally born and the mother was ready to begin a new phase of her life.

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