Pregnant policewoman came to the aid of an elderly woman, minutes later went into labour – Story of the day

A pregnant policewoman comes to the aid of an elderly woman and saves her life. A few minutes later she feels sick and finds her water has broken.
“It’s over between us, Jade! This baby is your responsibility, not mine!”
These words echoed in Jade’s ears and she realized that she could no longer drive. Finally, she pulled over to the side of the road and calmed down a little.

Jade, 29, was working for the police and was pregnant. The birth was just around the corner. This morning was particularly difficult for her because she was not feeling well. Her boss persuaded her to take maternity leave.
Jade had never wanted to take time off because, firstly, she loved her job, and secondly, work was her only escape from thoughts of her painful divorce from her ex-husband. He suddenly changed when she announced she was pregnant, leaving her alone with her 11-year-old son.
That morning Jade had a hunch that something bad was about to happen, and she was right.

After a few minutes, Jade felt better and decided to drive straight home, but as she gripped the steering wheel, the signal light turned red, making her wait longer.
Jade was sitting in the car, stroking her belly, when she saw an elderly woman crossing the road.
“Baby, look, there’s a woman in front of us,” Jade said affectionately. She was talking to her baby about the weather, birds and things that seemed wrong to her.
She noticed a car speeding towards a woman crossing the road. “Oh no, he’s going to run her over!”
“Go away!” – she shouted, getting out of the car. “Go away quickly! Quickly!”

Unfortunately, the woman could not hear Jade. As the car approached the woman closer and closer, Jade rushed towards her in a panic, holding onto her belly. If she was a minute late, the car would hit the elderly woman.
“My God, my God, what was that?” – The woman shrieked as the car slammed into a nearby pole.
“Ah… Oh…”, Jade gasped. She was beginning to feel uncomfortable. “Are you all right?”

“Oh, thank you, dear!” – she replied loudly. “I can’t hear very well! I didn’t see the car! But are you all right? You don’t look well!”
Jade was sweating profusely and lost her balance and slumped down on the kerb, wrapping her arms around her belly. “You…call an ambulance!” – she screamed with all her might. “MY WATER HAS BROKEN! CALL AN AMBULANCE QUICKLY! Aah…”
Jade was in labour and the older woman, Darlene, knew she had no time to waste.

With trembling hands, she took a mobile phone out of her pocket and dialed the emergency number. “Send an ambulance immediately!” – she shouted into the receiver. “Can you hear me? There’s a pregnant woman here!”
“Don’t worry, dear!” – she said loudly. “I’ve informed them of your situation! They’re on their way!”
Jade’s heart snapped and she wondered if the woman had heard the dispatcher’s words correctly. Since there were no other people on the street at the time, she had no choice but to rely on Darlene.

“Don’t worry, darling! Everything will be all right! There’s still a little bit left!” – Shouted Darlene.
“Please stop screaming in my ears… ah… this is… it’s just annoying me!” – Yelled Jade in pain.
“It’s going to be all right, darling!” – Darlene shouted again, completely oblivious to Jade’s words. “God help you!”

Luckily and to Jade’s relief, they soon heard an ambulance siren. Emergency services arrived on the scene. However, by the time Jade was transferred to the ambulance, her contractions had intensified.
” The labour must be delivered immediately,” Darlene shouted to the nurse. “Honey, don’t worry, okay? I used to be a nurse!”
Jade screamed and cried out in pain. Darlene realised that she had no time to waste. With the help of the paramedics, she helped Jade into the ambulance.

“Push! Push! Come on!”
“Ah, I can’t,” cried Jade, but she didn’t give up hope.
Finally, after several minutes of agony and loud screaming, Jade relaxed and a cry of joy filled the ambulance. Jade gave birth to a lovely baby boy.

“Oh, yes, yes, you’re going to your dear mummy…,” Darlene whispered to the baby.
In tears, Jade hugged the baby to her chest and whispered words of thanks to Darlene. “Thank you…” she said quietly. “Thank you so much…”
“Are you all right, dear?” – Darlene shouted. “We’re almost there…”

Jade smiled weakly at Darlene and nodded and soon they were at the hospital.
After Jade was admitted to hospital, Darlene paid a visit and Jade thanked the older woman.
“Thank you for helping us,” she said. “Our duty as police officers is to protect and serve the citizens, but today you fulfilled that role by helping me. Thank you very much.”

“A parent should never abandon their children, dear. Oh, your husband did a terrible thing! But your boy is lucky to have you by his side… By the way, I called the police and told them about the car that drove off. I have a good memory and I remembered the number plate number.”
“Oh, Darlene, did you really do that?” – Jade asked with a smile. “That’s wonderful!”

“I know, I know… The only problem is my ears, otherwise I’m in better shape than most teenagers these days,” she boasted, and Jade laughed, forgetting all her worries. She couldn’t believe how happy she was with Darlene.
Later, she called her colleagues and asked them to take care of her car, which she parked outside, and get Darlene home safely.
Darlene was a treasure, Jade thought. Not just because she had helped her, but because what she had said was true. Where else would you find an elderly woman who was hard of hearing but had an excellent memory?

Jade was more than grateful to Darlene. She saved her little boy’s life. After she was discharged and got better, she visited Darlene, helped her around the house and kept her company. In return, Jade’s children got a loving grandmother in Darlene, who shouted more than she talked, but loved them as her own children.

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