Old truck driver rescues woman on road: ‘You’ll never forget my reward,’ she says — Story of the day

When an elderly lorry driver meets a woman in labor, he remembers his helpless grandson and rushes to her aid. He does not yet know that she will soon become his biggest helper.
Arthur’s grandfather was Frank. Every soul in the neighborhood knew him, not by name, but as Arthur’s grandfather.
This was only after Frank’s only son and daughter-in-law were killed in a car accident a few months ago. The loss of his family aged Frank in the blink of an eye, and the prospect of losing custody of his grandson because of his inability to take care of him made the situation worse.

But that all changed one day when he realized he had two options: sit and cry or pick himself up for his grandson. Frank chose the second, even though the road was dotted with thorns…..
Frank started working as a sausage truck driver, which barely supported his livelihood, so raising Arthur was out of the question. Nevertheless, he fought for custody of his grandson and did everything he could to rescue the boy from the orphanage.
«I’m afraid I can’t help you, sir. You don’t quite meet the state’s requirements for raising your grandson financially,» Judge Hanks, who was assigned the case, told him.
Frank thought about those words every day and every moment. His life wouldn’t make sense if Arthur wasn’t with him, so he started taking extra shifts at the company. He needed the money to prove he could raise his grandson and for that, he was willing to do anything.
One morning Frank was driving his van to a new area when he saw a woman in the middle of the road. He pulled over to the side of the road and got out of the car. He realized that the woman was in labor.

«Jesus! We need to get you to the hospital! Just a minute, ma’am!»
Frank rushed to his truck and dialed 112 on the phone. «A pregnant woman is in labor. Please send help immediately!» — he shouted. «It’s an emergency, okay?»
«Ma’am,» he said, turning to the woman, «please wait. Help is on the way.»

But the woman was in a terrible state. Frank could see it. If she had not made it to the hospital in time, her baby would have been in danger. At that moment Frank remembered his grandson and how much he meant to him, and decided to take the woman to the hospital alone.
«Ma’am,» he said softly, «I’m afraid we can’t wait. If you let me help you, I can take you to the hospital.»

The woman groaned in pain and nodded. «That… that would be very helpful, sir,» she said, panting.

«All right, all right… Let’s help you up first!»

Frank helped the woman climb into the truck, but the seat was too high for her to reach. Exhausted with pain, she soon collapsed beside the truck, and Frank’s heart began to beat fast.

«Ma’am, can you hear me? Are you all right? God help her!»
Luckily, a few minutes later, Frank heard the ambulance siren and ran out into the street, waving his arms. «There! We need help!»
Two paramedics got out of the ambulance and took the woman to the hospital. Frank didn’t want to leave her alone, so he locked his truck and accompanied them. He had already written to his boss that he had an urgent matter and asked someone to take care of the delivery.

At the hospital, Frank hoped the woman and the baby were safe. He remembered how his daughter-in-law was in labour. They were all so worried about her until they heard little Arthur cry out.
«God,» he prayed through his tears, «help the woman and her baby! Please support her and help her. Oh God, I hope all goes well.»
Thankfully, God answered Frank’s prayers. The doctor came out of the room with the happy news that the woman had given birth to a healthy baby girl. Thanks to Frank, the woman and her baby were taken to hospital on time.
After the woman was transferred to a normal room, Frank visited her. She was in tears and thanked him for his help.
«Thank you, sir,» she said, «I just don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t helped. Thank you for paying for the ambulance as well. Please leave your account details with the staff. I will arrange for it to be reimbursed to you.»

«Please don’t worry about it,» Frank said politely, «I have a grandson. He’s only six years old and he’s my world, so I know how important this was.»
«No, please. I really can’t accept the money, sir,» she said, «You’ve done enough for us.»
«All right, all right. Don’t stress about it. By the way, I’m Frank, and who is the mother of this pretty little angel?» — he asked, looking fondly at the baby sleeping next to the woman.
The woman smiled. «I’m Alice… My husband wanted to name our daughter Rosie. He works abroad as a businessman, so we rarely see him. I was visiting my sister a few blocks away when I went into labour… I asked the nurse to let her know and she should be here soon…».
«You’re lucky,» Frank said, «sometimes, dear, family is all you need. It’s the most precious treasure!».

«Frank,» she said softly, «are you all right?»
Frank shook his head. «I’m not all right, darling. I’m just not all right… I lost my family a few months ago and now it’s just me and my grandson. I don’t know what to do… I might lose his custody because I’m not in the best financial position. The whole thing has been nothing short of a disaster!».
«It’s terrible. Frank, is there anything I can do?»
«Oh, please, no. I’m sorry to bother you with this. I have to go now. I have to be home in time.»
Frank left the room and Alice felt terribly guilty towards him. «You will never forget my reward! I promise Frank,» she said to herself, «I’ll return your favour!»
Frank had no idea what Alice was up to and how it would change his life.

The next day, Frank was about to leave for work when a notification arrived on his phone. Clicking on the message, he put on his reading glasses and was shocked.
«This is unbelievable! This… that’s not my money!»
There was so much money deposited in Frank’s account that he didn’t need to worry about it for the rest of his life or Arthur’s education.
There must be some mistake here, he thought, and rushed to the bank to find out about the mysterious deposit. Frank could have kept the money if he had wanted to, but that would have been wrong.


«This transfer was made to your account, sir. There can be no mistake!» — The bank clerk assured Frank.
«But who can make this transfer? I am an ordinary truck driver, sir,» he exclaimed.
At that moment, another message came on his phone. This time it was Alice.

Her message read:

«Thank you for leaving your details at reception. Kindness helps us survive in this crazy world, Frank. Keep this money thankfully and I hope you get custody of your grandson. No amount of money compares to what you’ve done for me. It saved my daughter and me. Thank you. I will be forever grateful to you!


Frank wept at the incredible kindness Alice had shown him. She had given him a reason to live happily ever after again. She had saved his grandson, whom he eventually gained custody of.
Frank, however, still drives the sausage truck, relieved that he will never be separated from his grandson. Now he just wants to proudly raise Arthur and live a long, happy life with him.

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