More than 152 million views. After the 6-year-old girl’s beautiful performance, the audience gave her a standing ovation.

There are many talented and unique children, there are children who make you swoon when you listen to them, and this girl is no exception. When this girl appeared on stage, no one expected more than a sweet childlike voice and naive performance. The girl, named Connie Talbot, has been singing since she was two years old, and she’s only six years old in the video.

After that big day, the girl’s life changed abruptly. When Connie started to sing a cappella, no one moved, all eyes were fixed on the stage. The jury could not believe that they were hearing the voice of a little girl standing in front of them. Connie simply captivated the entire audience. Since then Connie Talbot has recorded 4 albums and continues her career as a singer.

Her popularity is growing throughout Europe and in Japan. Here is the performance that changed everything in Connie’s life. Watch the detailed video below:

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