He let the horses out for a winter stroll, and what did they do?

Many people know that severe frosts have come in North America, which closed not only people, but also animals in the houses for several days. When the cold eased a little, everyone had the opportunity to finally get out into the street and enjoy the snow. But the joy of some representatives of the animal world lasted only 19 seconds! A funny reaction of their horses, wrapped in warm blankets, was posted by one of the Internet users on the YouTube channel. And you know what? It’s hard not to agree with these horses!

Due to abnormal frosts, the horses were locked up in the stable for several days.

When the cold eased somewhat, the animals, wrapped in winter blankets, were released for a walk.

But the animals’ joy did not last long! More precisely, only 19 seconds. Looks like it’s a new walking record.

The reaction of the animals was so unusual and funny that the video has already gone viral and has almost a million views.

Winter is, of course, beautiful, but it’s hard to disagree with these horses – warm houses are much better than in snowdrifts.

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