A woman married her high school sweetheart four years after her husband’s death

Sarah and DeAngelo met when they were teenagers. This meeting was the beginning of a beautiful love story that will overcome failed love, death, raising children and time itself.

After her husband’s death, Sarah Rhodes sank into grief and grieved for many years. Although she was in utter despair, her two children were the only thing keeping her from losing herself completely.

Four years later, however, she received a notification that changed her life forever. It was an Instagram notification that she had received a message from her high school sweetheart, DeAngelo.

She recalls how they first met at the age of fourteen, and the beginning of their immature but sweet romance, which lasted only three years.

After the break-up, they went their separate ways, dating other people and raising children with their partners. Sarah explained:

Life has taken us in very different directions, which has made us both better versions of ourselves. In recent years, life circumstances have changed again for both of us […]”.

DeAngelo, who stayed behind to live in their small Oklahoma town, had a child with his then-girlfriend when they were in their 20s. This turn of events convinced Sarah that they were not meant to be together.

She subsequently severed all ties with him and moved to New York. DeAngelo married and had two more children.

In New York, Sarah met and married her husband Joel, who gave her two children before dying of cancer. Around the same time, her high school sweetheart divorced his wife and also became a bachelor.

Throughout this time, the couple never forgot each other. Indeed, DeAngelo followed Sarah’s life, following her blog. Eventually, he got in touch with her by following her on Instagram.

Still determined not to let him into her life, she thought about not responding, but changed her mind. Twenty-four hours later, she subscribed to him again on the platform and they began chatting, catching up.

After months of hesitation, the mother of two agreed to go on a date with DeAngelo. During a romantic dinner, they rekindled their love. The lovers relived their lost twelve years and kissed for the first time in years.

A year later, they were married at the same place where they kissed, surrounded by close relatives and five children together.

Two years after exchanging vows, the couple had their first child, forever uniting their blended family. Since their union, the two have remained absolute lovers. They decided to support each other every step of the way and share every special moment together.

Even as they enjoy their newfound love, Sarah and DeAngelo never forget the significance of the twelve years of separation and those who made those painful years worthwhile.

More importantly, they remember Joel and pay special tribute to him on his birthdays. Indeed, no one forgets that he played an important role in Sarah’s life and ultimately in their love story.

The years of separation and the people who experienced them together with their high school sweethearts certainly helped the lovers to become better people.

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