A grey-haired baby was born in Hungary: doctors explain the phenomenon

Prince Charming, as the hospital staff lovingly nicknamed the newborn, was born into a Hungarian family. All the medical staff and parents were amazed – the boy was born with snow-white hair! Usually babies are born with a bit of fluff on their head, it happens that they are completely bald, rarely is a newborn’s head covered with hair.

But this baby was born with thick, silver-grey hair. Bens weighed about five kilograms. The doctors examined the baby because this hair colour rightly caused bewilderment and questions. The doctors suspected that the child had albinism. With this condition, melanin, which is responsible for the pigmentation of the skin and hair, is not produced by the body in sufficient quantity.

The fear was that people with albinism are also exposed to sunlight to a greater extent, and their risk of developing cancer is higher. But the prenatal period did not cause any suspicion or concern among specialists observing pregnancy.

All the more was the surprise of the doctors when the examination showed: the child is in perfect order! His skin has absolutely normal melanin content. According to the observations of doctors, Bens is just an amazing, but absolutely healthy child.

Chances are that nature has given the baby a unique hair colour and it will change over time. Many newborns have clear blue eyes and adorable flaxen curls in the first months of life. As they grow up, babies lose these delicate colours, grow darker and their eye colour changes. Why was he born with such thick hair, as if he were already a couple of months old?

This is quite unusual. Within a few months of birth, most babies’ hair is just beginning to grow, and the baby’s head fluff is replaced by thicker hair. But this depends on the baby’s hormonal background and a little bit more on genetics. Therefore, if the baby’s hair starts growing in the womb, it is just as normal as if it does not start growing until a couple of months after birth.

Some babies already have a full set of teeth by the time they are born! Such cases are no longer uncommon. This, too, is the norm. Every expectant child develops at his or her own pace and this process begins long before birth. So every little person who comes into our world is different, but among them there are extraordinary babies who surprise us from the moment they are born!

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