Amanda is a teacher at a public school in Alabama. She works hard despite her low salary and commutes to work by bus for about two hours. The teacher asked the state for help, like many of her colleagues, but to no avail. However, Amanda received help from the mother of one of her students.

In Alabama, teachers’ salaries have dropped to a ten-year low. Teachers even took to the streets to protest against such low pay, but it did not change anything. Some quit, while others continued to work for a small salary. Amanda is one of those who stayed and continues to teach children.

Children know about it and understand that she has a tough time. One of the students told her mother about their wonderful teacher.

The mother, Courtney Adeleye, is the CEO of a cosmetics company. She and her husband were very moved by the situation with the teacher. After talking to her husband, she woke up the next morning knowing what she needed to do for this teacher. “I want to buy her a car,” said Courtney. Her husband was on board.

They went to a car dealership together and chose a new Ford Focus. Then, Courtney went to the school and told the teacher that she had a surprise. They went outside, where a new car was parked with a big blue bow on the hood. “Are you serious?” Amanda asked.

Handing over the keys to the new car, Courtney replied, “Yes!” She then said that she didn’t want Amanda to stand at bus stops, spending a lot of time commuting to work. She was very nervous about how the teacher would react to her gesture.

Fortunately, all the participants in this event were thrilled. Amanda said, “No more buses. No more standing in the cold. No more waiting for someone to pick me up!”

Of course, the problem of teacher salaries needs to be addressed at the legislative level, but it’s always nice to see one person’s act of kindness towards another.

Perhaps this story will inspire someone to think of a way to take care of another person and make someone’s life a little easier.

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