A 6-month-old baby has wonderful nannies who look like teddy bears

This youngster is very lucky because he has the softest and fluffiest friends. Six-month-old baby Theo happily poses with the pets of the Goldendoodle family, a cross between a retriever and a poodle.

Jessica, the boy’s mother, has set up an Instagram page dedicated to her young son, where she shares the most interesting photos of him. The family already has more than 700,000 followers. What attracts people to her page?

And the fact is that in all the pictures the baby is surrounded by wonderful dogs. The caudates are very friendly with the baby and they can no longer imagine their life without each other. “It’s amazing to watch how Theo’s relationship with dogs develops,” said the baby’s mother. “In the last month or so, Theo started petting and scratching them, and he became more aware of their presence.

People always joke that Theo might think he’s a dog too!” “My main goal has always been to spread joy and bring laughter and smiles. I never imagined that adding a child to this company would attract so much attention – what could be cleaner than the bond between a child and a dog.

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