This is the only city in the world where there are no men, they are forbidden to enter here

400 kilometers from the capital of Brazil, there is a small town where daily life is unlike any other. The fact is that only women live in Noiva de Cordeira and men are not allowed to enter there. According to a local urban legend (over the years, no one knows if it’s true), the city was founded in 1891 by Maria di Lima, who left the home of her unloved fiancé.

At first, she simply built a small hut, started a garden, and then began welcoming all the women in the area – the colony grew little by little. Over time, the rules were determined by which all members of the community live. The men were barred from entering the town, which already had 600 members.

True, the Brazilians themselves for a long time did not seek to maintain contacts with local residents because of superstitions. In modern times, Noiva de Cordeiro remains completely free to live – any woman can come and ask for asylum, she will not be refused even without papers. The women themselves do excellent work: they cultivate the fields, cook, even organize fairs.

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At the same time, no one in the colony of the fair sex is forcibly kept. Any woman at any time can leave town or get married. Interestingly, about a year ago a possible rule change was discussed in the regulations. If accepted, men will still be allowed to come here several times a year.


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