2-year-old German Shepherd Has Dwarfism and Will Always Look Like a Puppy

This puppy named Ranger has won the hearts of thousands because of his adorable puppy appearance caused by the disease.

For some people, the cutest thing they can see is a small animal with lots of fur, like cats, dogs and rabbits. This is why the story of this German Shepherd suffering from dwarfism has captivated everyone’s hearts.

Ranger is 2 years old and is destined to have the appearance of a puppy for the rest of his life due to the strange condition known as pituitary dwarfism.

Ranger’s mother, Shelby Mayo, explained that when they adopted him, he was the smallest of the litter, but they thought it was due to a parasite called Coccidia. Weeks later, after receiving the necessary treatment, they realized that he no longer had this parasite, but another called Giardia, and that he also had a neck infection, according to Bored Panda.

2-year-old puppy has dwarfism and looks like a puppy


Shelby gave the puppy all the love he deserves and over time they were able to control the infection and fight off the Giardia

Still, everyone noticed that there might be another problem because Ranger wasn’t growing at the rate a puppy of his breed is supposed to grow, so they decided to take him back to the vet and there they realized his condition.

It is true that for some it would be fascinating if your dog looked like a puppy forever, but this comes with side effects such as shedding and flaky skin.

Ranger’s family made sure he received the proper treatment and so he is now bright, happy and healthy despite everything.

Despite everything, this eternal little puppy is an example of improvement and happiness that drives his owners and the more than 132,000 subscribers he has on Instagram crazy.

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