If you manage to find the treasure the pirates are looking for, you are an excellent observer

These types of viral challenges have the ability to turn the sometimes boring time spent on social media or on the internet into something very entertaining.

Additionally, this “visual game” allows you to compete with someone who is with you, while keeping you mentally alert.


That’s what these online challenges are all about: a useful pastime for your mind and your enjoyment.

Today we are going in search of treasure!

There are two pirates in this illustration, one of them is the captain of the crew.

Right now, they’re holding a map, trying to figure out where they intend to look for the treasure, but are clearly having trouble deciphering it well.

It’s clear that these two clueless pirates need your help to find the treasure hidden where they have landed.

Your task is to find the treasure that has been cleverly hidden in this image and to conclude the adventure of these two pirates in style.

No time limit, just take your time, observe the entire image carefully and if you want, challenge others simultaneously with the same image.

Advice to the player(s): take as much time as possible, observe everything, and even check “suspicious” places by zooming in on the image.

Pirate treasure isn’t exactly a big object in the illustration!

So good luck, and if you haven’t found the treasure, you can always scroll down the article, still on this page, and check the solution circled in red.

If you managed to find the treasure, you will confirm that your suspicions and your answer are correct.

But if you can’t do it, don’t worry!

It is a game, like many others, fun to play even in company.

In the red circle is the treasure chest.

A curious place to hide it, isn’t it?

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