The dog was barely walking on the icy road, it could not see where to go, and there was nowhere to go

I am a cat lover, but by chance, I got two dogs. About a year ago, I got a little dog of red coloring. She lives in my yard. She spent the whole day in the bitter cold, running to the road, then to the playground. The whole day passed in this way. I know all the local stray dogs, but she wasn’t one of them.

I decided to temporarily shelter a dog. I thought she had owners who were probably looking for the missing. However, they did not come for the poor thing. The dog was old, heard, and saw poorly. I took her away, bathed her, and combed her tangled fur.

The poor animal had urinary incontinence, as she caught a cold in the frosty weather. We went to a veterinary clinic, passed tests, and underwent an ultrasound procedure. She was diagnosed with liver problems. They said that the dog needs to follow a special diet.

I am allergic, I have an intolerance to wool. I have a dog, Vaska, who suits me, because he has hair instead of a coat. And with Laysan (the dog’s nickname), I have to use anti-allergenic drugs.

The old dog spent the previous summer at my father and mother’s country house. She really liked it there. Laysan is a kind affectionate girl who loves human attention. She barks at my cats, defending her territory. And there are more and more cats. At the moment there are ninety of them.

Laysan also protects me, sleeping exclusively near my sofa. A black cat, whom I picked up on the pipes a year ago, often sleeps next to her.

I have not been able to find her owners during this time. It’s predictable. No one wants to take old animals with health problems. Laysan feels worse every day. Now I even carry her out for a walk in my arms, as it is difficult for her to walk up the stairs on her own.

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