A man feeds 80 stray dogs every day because he cannot bear to watch them starve.

For five years, 48-year-old Michael Baines has been feeding 80 stray dogs daily in Chonburi, Thailand. On his way to work, the man gives the needy animals a nutritious mix of dry dog food, rice, butter, fish or steamed chicken. In addition, Michael never leaves hungry animals wandering around restaurants.

“I feel very sorry for stray dogs, I want to help every single one of them,” says Michael.

“Especially when I see a lonely dog that doesn’t belong in any pack.”

“I always have food and fresh water in my car, so when I see a dog I always stop and give it food and water.”

The man also gives the animals medicine when needed.

“It costs me 40-50,000 baht a month, not counting contingencies, I have helped find families for 30-40 dogs, not counting my own 13 pets.”

“I think we should take dogs off the streets, not buy them,” says Baines.

If everyone thinks about taking care of animals, many of them will find a home and live happily ever after. We must be kinder and more patient with animals, loving and caring for them.

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