Skinny dog begs people for food so she can feed her cubs

It is very common for stray animals to be nailed to gas stations. So this time, the volunteers were informed about the next dog family, for which they came.

A dog lived at a gas station with two cubs, which were newborns and fed on mother’s milk. From the look of the mother-dog, it was easy to guess that she was very emaciated, so she was immediately given food, and then, along with the cubs, they were sent to the veterinarian.

In the clinic, they were given the appropriate vaccinations, combed out and removed the parasites. At the shelter they were placed in open-air cages, where it was quite warm and comfortable. Mom got plenty of food, and after a couple of weeks, the cubs began to eat on their own, with excellent appetite.

They were charming ponytails, black with white and yellow spots, well-fed and healthy. Two weeks later, one of them was taken away, and a month later, the second. Mom lives in a shelter, but she managed to adapt here and make friends with both the staff and the rest of the pets.

She feels great in the shelter, because these are not terrible conditions of street life, when every day she had to fight for existence and for a crust of bread. And we can provide regular assistance, albeit in a small size, to shelters so that the tailed beasts are well fed and comfortable there.

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