Ellidey Island has the loneliest house in the world

Iceland has a small island a few miles off the coast called Ellideus Island. Some time ago, pictures appeared on the Internet with a small dot, similar to the building. People were immediately quite intrigued and began to do a little exploration of this lonely island. It turned out that the island was inhabited by five families more than 300 years ago. The last permanent residents left the island around 1930, and there was only one house left on the island. Families earned their sustenance by hunting for puffers, fishing, and raising cattle. There were many assumptions about who now owned this house. Many said that the island was given to the singer Björk. Or that a secret billionaire bought the island and now lives there. None of these claims are true. In fact, the house serves as a refuge for people who still hunt on the island today. No one lives there, but it serves as a safe haven for those who come to a magical and secluded island. It seems that this is one of the loneliest places in the world. It seems that for a few weeks this place can become a paradise.

The house, which can be seen on this island, was built in 1953 by the hunting association of Ellideus and named “Hunting Lodge”.

The building has no electricity or running water.

Even without electricity and running water, The Hunting Lodge has a sauna in the room so you can relax after hunting.

However, there is water in the house. This water can be used for sauna, cooking, and drinking. This water comes from the rainwater collecting system.

Another strange thing about the Lodge is that there’s a fence around it.

And although Björk doesn’t own this house, she has a house on another island.

This lodge is only used for hunting as part of the Allied Hunters Association.

For many people, this place is a refuge during the hunt. For me, this place looks like the perfect place to just walk away from everything that’s going on in the world. I’d like to see it someday.

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