A new riddle with a hidden snake has hit the Internet

A new riddle with a hidden snake has hit the Internet.

A venomous snake shows off its perfect camouflage in a delicate image that requires some visual acuity.

There are animals that are very skillfully and cunningly able to camouflage themselves in harmony with their surroundings.

Basically, they are chameleons. But it turns out that chameleons aren’t the only ones with these abilities.

For example, recently a photo puzzle appeared on the Internet, in which, according to the author of the photo, a snake is hidden.

Snakes can be masters of camouflage, expertly blending into their surroundings with the coloring and patterns of their scales.

Mashable brought to our attention an image that will surprise people concerned about snakes and fascinate everyone else.

He shows a piece of ground covered with dry leaves and challenges us to find the snake hiding there.

Twitter user Helen, a doctoral student who studies pythons, boas and vipers, shared the photo on Sunday.

Helen credits Jerry Davis of Texas with the original photo sent to her by another herpetologist.

Don’t feel bad if you have trouble finding the reptile.

Helen says it took her two minutes to spot the slithering creature, even though she specializes in snake studies. This is the quality of a reptile’s camouflage.

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