A Brazilian girl who became famous seconds after she was born: She is now a “smart and loving” three-year-old

The newborn who became a meme on social media when she glared at doctors in the operating room shortly after she was born is now all grown up.Three-year-old Isabel Rocha hit the headlines on February 13, 2020, when she refused to listen to an obstetrician who tried to make her cry after giving birth – a sign that her lungs were working.
Instead, she didn’t give up and welcomed the doctor asking her to cry before he cut the umbilical cord. This memorable moment was captured on camera and will stay with her for a lifetime.In a recent interview with Brazilian newspaper Crescer, the mother admitted that the family never thought the photo would make their daughter famous.
“It’s something that never crossed our minds as new parents, but it’s a moment that happened naturally,” Barbosa told Diane.
Rocha cried for the first time before she sat opposite Barbosa’s mother and the two kissed for the first time.Rocha saw the famous souvenir photo and even wondered why she was angry at the time, but her mother didn’t answer her.

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