When her boss saw her working with her son, he took a photo of her

Motherhood is a miracle and every mother knows it. Despite the happiness and fulfillment it brings, modern mothers certainly must balance household chores and paid work outside the home in order to provide for their family’s financial needs.

And, despite the growing recognition of the need to balance work and private life, there are still relatively few jobs that allow mothers to work without sacrificing their parental responsibilities. Mélodie Jet Blackwell stopped to rock her baby and relax in her work chair. Mélodie took her baby to work, where her boss immediately took a photo, which spread. The lucky mother gets to take her newborn Nora-Yo to work with her.

Mélodie’s boss is so kind, he not only allows her to work from home most of the time, but also allows her to take her baby to the office on the rare days she has to go to work and gives her everything the time necessary to watch over the child and do his job. His example is fantastic. The child’s mother added: “I know that not all workplaces, and not all work situations, are suitable for children and newborns, but I believe that many places can be better adapted than they are today.

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