Video․ 3-year-old girl cuts her hair, her confession to dad is priceless․

We all know that little kids are capable of accomplishing some pretty bizarre stunts in the name of curiosity. After all, they are just exploring everything the world can offer them.

I’m sure you have some memories of being a toddler and a few stories you could tell. Am I right?!

While most of the time the experiments of toddlers and little ones are endearing and harmless, sometimes things may take a turn, a tad in the wrong direction, this toddler ended up learning a lesson early on, but luckily no real harm was done.

Little kids tend to copy what they see adults around them doing. Sometimes it’s adorable, but sometimes things don’t turn out the way their little imaginations had planned. Just take a look at the little toddler in this video. This video shows three-year-old Ashleigh, who has been pretty experimental with her hair.

This cute video will make you let out a rueful laugh. Plus you’ll be proud of the way her father handled everything. Well done, Dad! I’m this Father’s Day; he’s going to be treated very well by his loving family.

The tiny girl cut off almost all the hair she could reach! She ended up with what looks like, well, just watch. I think she did a pretty darn good job on the front. Very sporty. Perfect for summer, in my opinion.

When asked why she did it, she said it’s because Miss Jessica cuts hair and she wanted to do the same! But it’s what she asked in the end that cracked me up—you’ve got to watch the entire video to find out!

Please watch and share little Ashleigh’s adorable reaction! I’m sure that if you have a toddler back home, you can relate! Share your story in the discussion section at the bottom of the page.

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