This corgi was doomed to be put to sleep because of two noses and one eye, but he had a chance for a new life

Dog Nekku has already celebrated its 8th birthday, however, there was a time when veterinarians did not give her a chance to survive. Nekku lives in Finland and was very unhappy from birth. His mom and dad were prestigious show dogs with a renowned pedigree dating back several generations.

However, among the ideal well-born dogs, Nekku was accidentally born. She was missing one eye, and her nose was split in two. Veterinarians saw this spectacle and did not give any chance, giving the breeder advice to put the unfortunate man to sleep, since life would be a torment for him.

The breeder did not want to do this, but he agreed to save the animal from suffering. And then a man named Jarmo Korhonen showed up. He already had two corgis and, having learned about this story, did not allow such a wonderful dog to deserve such a fate.

He was right. Nekku was very quick-witted and active, he loved to play tricks and eat gooseberry harvest right from the bushes. He immediately became friends with the rest of the corgi, who, in turn, studied his funny face with interest.

However, the peculiarity of the eyes led to some problems in orientation in space and constantly collided with the forehead against the wall or various objects. Now Nekku lives in nature and can run around in the fresh air.

But she does not have time to miss the owner, as he visits him every weekend.

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