The incredible performance of “Riverdance” given by a father and son gets the “Golden Buzzer” from Simon Cowell…

The reason why everyone in the room was laughing was perfectly justified.

It has been decided that Stavros Flatley will take part in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions, an event that will re-stage some of the most impressive acts from prior editions of the competition. This time, however, Simon Cowell used the Golden Buzzer to dismiss the entertaining performance by the father and son pair.

Stavros Flatley is well-known for the hilarious Greek act that the two of them execute together, in which they dance on stage with their bellies exposed. Even though it has been ten years since they first performed on Britain’s Got Talent, their most recent performance serves as a reminder of the reasons why the whole globe fell in love with them in the first place.

In 2009, Demi Demetriou and his son Lagi, who was 12 years old at the time, appeared before the judges wearing nothing but their everyday clothes. After then, they retreated backstage, and when they came out again, everyone was shocked to see them there.

Demi sprinted into the entrance wearing just a headband, a blonde wig, and no shirt at all. When he claimed to be the Greek equivalent of the famed river dancer Michael Flatley, he managed to have everyone in the room laughing. As Lagi went on stage with his father wearing the same clothing, the already hilarious situation became much funnier.

Although though Stavros Flatley did not end up winning the championship that year, the show was essential in bringing the lovely pair further into the public eye.

According to the website for ClassiQue, Stavros Flatley has, over the course of his career, performed in venues all over the world, made guest appearances on television programs, created new products, written and published the book How to Be a Little Bit Greek, and even developed a line of Greek food products under the brand name “Stavros Flatley’s Greek Kitchen.”

Everyone received a present upon being informed that they had been selected to take part in Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions.
The new audition for Stavros Flatley started out with a flute player giving a performance in the middle of the auditorium, and then Celtic dancers lit up the stage. But, we were only getting warmed up…

Demi comes through the door dressed in his signature Greek costume, which includes him baring his belly in public. His skills as a river dancer send the audience into a frenzy just before he pauses to take a stance. That was going to become much better in the future.

Lagi seemed to have appeared out of thin air! He is no longer a youngster and has just recently, after a number of years have passed, grown up.

It is a production that pulls out all the stops, with dancing women, drumming men, and flaming flames, but the funny Stavros Flatley pair is the one that steals the show.

They even finished their audition by throwing their wigs right towards the judges’ bench, which was exactly what we had intended to have them do.

During a drawn-out explanation, Demi then takes the microphone to offer an impassioned speech.
“Words cannot express how grateful we are that you have gone out of your way for us. Yet, I feel the need to mention that this software is outstanding. All because of you, we’ve been all over the globe, done things we never thought we’d do, and gone to places we never dreamed we’d go.

Before giving Lagi a bear hug, Demi took a moment to express his delight in the accomplishments of his son, Lagi.

In the same way that Stavros Flatley was thankful to BGT for the chance it provided, Simon wanted to make sure the couple knew how much he appreciated them.
He lets them know that

“Listen, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for years, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.” I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to you both for all that you’ve accomplished. “There is only one way for me to express my gratitude to you, and that is by saying ‘thank you.’”

Simon jumps up from his seat and presses the “Golden Buzzer” button. The contestant receives the highest possible honor in the Got Talent series and moves on straight to the final stages of competition. The reactions of everyone are, as was to be expected, absolutely priceless!

The performance given by Stavros Flatley, which can be seen in the video that follows, received praise deserving of a Golden Buzzer.

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