My husband’s adult children came to our honeymoon and demanded that we give them our villa – they got a lesson in respect

My husband’s children hate me. They always have and always will, but luckily my husband took my side when he saw how cruel they were to me. He taught them a valuable lesson that eventually led them to apologize and rebuild our relationships. My husband, Jack, is the father of three children who are over 21 years old. He was devastated when I met him two years after his wife died. He became a father at a young age and unfortunately became a widower after a few years. About a year after we met, he introduced his children to me and we didn’t get along at all. I understood why they were concerned about my relationship with their father, who is ten years younger than me. He is 43 and I am 53. We have known each other for over nine years and have been engaged for four years. Through all the stages of our relationship, not once did his children make me feel accepted. I didn’t move in with her family until all of his children were out of the house. When it finally came time for me to move in, I had less contact with them because they were off to college.

Still, whenever we were together, they talked about their mother and made me feel like an intruder in their family. Even though I told them I wasn’t trying to replace their mother. When Jack proposed to me, his children began to treat me even more disrespectfully, but behind Jack’s back. I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want them to argue. I was well aware that her family had been through so much, especially Jack, who had to raise his children alone for years. Jack felt he had to fill the void left by their mother. So he worked twice as hard to give his children a luxurious life even after they moved out of the house. Anyway, we had our wedding a few weeks ago. It was a small civil ceremony and his children were not present, claiming they all had other important commitments. Since it was a small event, it didn’t bother us. We decided to go all out and spend more on our honeymoon, which we spent in the Bahamas. Two days after we landed, ALL of his children showed up. “Dad, we missed you so much!” they said. Another whispered in my ear, “You thought you were rid of US, huh?!” Even though we were surprised by their arrival, we still showed them around and showed them our villa.

I tried to be nice and ordered snacks for her. Meanwhile, Jack got drinks for everyone. I never thought they would ruin my honeymoon, but I almost fell over when one of his children said to me, “You, 58-year-old OLDIE! Do you still want a fairy tale? This villa is too luxurious for you. We’ll take this one and you can take this little bungalow.” I told them calmly, “Guys, please don’t ruin this for your father and me. Please just give us this honeymoon and don’t make a scene. I beg you.” “We will never give you a taste of happiness. You don’t deserve our father and you definitely don’t deserve this luxurious villa. So fuck off!” one of them replied. And then we heard a glass hit the floor. Jack stood a few feet from the door, red with anger. “DO YOU WANT A FUCKING FUCK?!” he shouted. It was a voice I had never heard before; one so angry that it left his children speechless. “I gave you everything, supported you financially, and this is how you pay me back? By disrespecting my wife? “And on our honeymoon too,” Jack shouted. They began to stammer excuses, but Jack interrupted them. “Enough! I’ve had enough of your sense of entitlement. You think you can come here and ask for anything? Did you really think I didn’t know about your behavior towards my wife? I looked away and hoped every time you all would change. This is over now.” He took out his phone and called. Within minutes, villa security arrived. “Accompany her out. You are no longer welcome here,” he said. The security guards led his children away, their faces a mixture of shock and humiliation.

They protested, but Jack stood firm. “You will never disrespect my wife or me again. Consider this your lesson in respect and a wake-up call,” he added, before telling them he would also be canceling all their credit cards. Jack wasted no time. He immediately called the bank and cut off their financial support․

This forced them to stand on their own two feet for the first time. He made it clear to them that their behavior had consequences and that they needed to learn responsibility and respect. The next few months were hard. For many years they relied on their credit cards to enjoy life. Without it, they struggled, but eventually they began to understand the value of hard work and respect. One evening we received a call from all of his children. “Dad, I’m sorry,” they all said, their voices full of genuine remorse. “We were wrong. Can we start over?” Jack looked at me with tears in his eyes. “Of course,” he replied, his voice cracking. “We can always start over.”

And so, slowly but surely, they rebuilt their relationship. Jack’s decisive actions during our honeymoon not only protected our special time, but also taught his children a lesson they would never forget. It was a hard road, but in the end it brought us all closer. Jack’s children aren’t the only ones who learned a lesson after a wedding. A bride’s mother also learned a valuable lesson after her daughter got married.

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