My Husband Made Fun of My Underwear in a Group Chat With His Friends. He Soon Regretted It

It was quite disheartening and created a sense of emotional distance between my husband and me when I stumbled upon something on his phone that I wasn’t supposed to see. Fortunately, we had the good fortune of having someone nearby who was skilled at regulating our situation. Now my husband has come to realize what he did and is making amends.

Tom and I, Anna, had been diligently saving money for months. It all started because my husband was absolutely determined to get his hands on this stylish new sports car he had been admiring. Due to financial constraints, I had to prioritize my needs over my personal desires.

I refrained from updating my wardrobe. It was frustrating that I couldn’t even refresh my makeup and underwear collection. We were in a phase of strict budgeting, where even minor indulgences were off the table.

On a recent evening, I found myself occupied with tidying up the living room when I noticed that Tom’s phone was in need of charging. Just as I grabbed it, in that very instant, it lit with a notification. Although I typically respect his privacy, my attention was immediately drawn to a photo pop-up that unexpectedly appeared on the screen.

Upon further examination of the image, I came to the realization that it was my very own underwear drawer! Driven by my insatiable curiosity, I couldn’t resist the temptation to unlock his phone and take a quick look. I discovered myself casually browsing through a group chat brimming with his closest friends.

There, right next to a picture of my simple, practical underwear, was my husband’s comment. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I read him saying he “doesn’t remember marrying a granny.” The caption for the post said, «Take a look at Anna’s granny panties!»

The post received an abundance of laughing emojis and playful comments from his friends. I was absolutely devastated! I felt a mix of emotions — embarrassment, hurt, and a deep sense of betrayal. I was shocked to discover that my husband was making fun of me in front of his friends!

They had left comments such as, «Does your mother know Anna has her underwear?» and «Well, that underwear is definitely not setting the right mood in the bedroom.» I had to stop reading the comments because they took a turn for the worse.

When he arrived back at the house, I chose to remain silent. I was uncertain about how to approach the situation without giving him the impression that I had been prying into his affairs. Attempting to maintain composure, I made an effort to conceal my inner confusion, yet the matter continued to consume my thoughts.

The following morning, I caught up with Joyce, Tom’s mother, for a delightful brunch. I attempted to maintain a facade of normalcy in her presence, yet my mother-in-law (MIL), with her keen perception, detected a subtle change in my demeanor. I ended up sharing everything, from the group chat to how insignificant and embarrassed I felt.

Surprisingly, instead of the shock or disappointment I anticipated, a mischievous glint appeared in Joyce’s eyes. Leaning in closer, she whispered with a secretive tone:

«I’ve got it covered, my dear. I know exactly what to do.”

Prepare to be amazed by what unfolded! Picture this: That night, when Tom returned home, he discovered a completely different version of me! I was wearing a stunning red dress, with my hair styled and my makeup expertly applied.

As he entered the room, his jaw practically hit the floor when he saw me looking incredibly attractive!

“Wow, you look absolutely stunning! Where did all this come from?” Tom asked. He seemed taken aback and bewildered.

«Your car fund,» I responded, my voice unwavering despite my reluctance to make eye contact with him. “Wait, you actually did that? We were saving that—” Tom’s initial confusion swiftly transformed into a bubbling rage.

Just as he was about to proceed, Joyce entered the room, exuding an aura of peace. “I suggested she treat herself,” my MIL interjected. “It appears that you require a gentle reminder on the importance of appreciating and respecting spouse.”

Joyce’s demeanor became more gentle, yet resolute, as she pressed on. “Oh, by the way, it’s worth mentioning that I happen to be the only granny in this place. So we thought it’s fair that Anna gets some beautiful underwear that matches her stunning outfit.”

She clarified, «We thought she deserved something sophisticated, not to be ridiculed or spread in any conversation.»

Tom, feeling overwhelmed and facing a growing opposition, attempted to present his case. Despite his guilt and remorse, his mother remained steadfast in her stance, rendering his response futile.

“You’ve learned a hard lesson today, son. Perhaps in the future, you’ll reconsider before mocking someone who puts in so much effort for your sake.”

While Joyce and I were getting ready to go out for dinner, I couldn’t help but grab Tom’s phone. I took a fabulous selfie and sent it to his group chat with a message:

“Granny’s going out tonight, guys!”

Tom watched us leave, the silence of the house echoing the shock of his newfound realization. As I stepped out of the house with my mother-in-law, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of validation and immense gratitude for her unwavering support. I felt incredibly fortunate to have a mother-in-law who showered me with love and support, always making me feel valued and understood.

I understand that there are numerous accounts of strained relationships between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law, but my experience stands apart. While we were out, I expressed my gratitude to Joyce, saying, “Mom, I really appreciate all the support. I truly appreciate your invaluable assistance and guidance.” She extended her hands and grasped mine, saying:

«Tom might be my son, but you’re my daughter and I won’t tolerate his abuse as long as I’m alive.»

That evening had a deeper purpose beyond just teaching my husband a lesson. It marked a significant turning point in regaining my sense of value and self-respect. With an unexpected ally by my side, everything falls into place!

As soon as I walked through the door, I was greeted by Tom, who had prepared a delightful surprise. He had arranged a beautiful display of flowers, along with a tempting assortment of chocolates and desserts. “I’m so sorry for taking you for granted and not showing you the respect you deserve,” he said sincerely.

Despite his flaws, I was willing to give him another chance. I expressed to Tom how deeply hurtful his actions were, something I wouldn’t even wish upon my worst enemy. «I understand that now, my dear. I deeply regret the breach of your trust and I am fully committed to earning it back.”

I made a commitment to give him an opportunity and had hoped to witness prompt transformations. He responded by sending a message to his group chat, acknowledging the mistake he made in mocking his wife. My husband went ahead and erased all the posts that were about me. He even requested his friends to ensure that he never repeats such an action in the future.

His friends showed remorse, and Tom and I agreed to get couples counseling. Something felt amiss in our relationship when he prioritized his own needs over mine. Our relationship may not be flawless, but we’re constantly growing and improving.

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