Man hugs crying 14-year-old dog who dies seconds later: «Don’t leave me»

He is a strong and resilient man who turned the world upside down because he had to say a painful goodbye to the puppy of his life. Unfortunately, our little pets don’t last forever and the day comes when they have to end their cycle and cross the rainbow. There are countless videos online that capture this heartbreaking moment; Many believe that sending their pets away is “something they wouldn’t wish on even their worst enemy.” The poor man had to face the worst pain he could imagine.

But recently, some scenes have particularly touched netizens. Maybe because the background music adds to it, or maybe because we’re talking about a blatantly rude owner who finally broke down in the face of his dog’s inevitable departure from his life. He cannot imagine life without his dog. They are images that show the most sensitive side of a man.

Many touched the deepest fibers of the soul, because it was the dog that accompanied him for 14 years of his life and became another son. The scene takes place on a vet’s stretcher, where he is about to be given a drug that will put him to sleep forever. He wishes that he could lengthen his days and that his presence beside him would be eternal.

The dog already has an injection, he’ll be on the other side in a few minutes, but his eyes are still open. His master finds no comfort and he bows his head to join his hairy ones, dissolving into a deep embrace that he never wants to end.

The man falls and cries inconsolably. At some point he tries to caress him, look him in the eyes, kiss him as if to hold him, but he knows he’s running out of time.

Thank you for every second of loyalty, thank you for every second of love!
Networks quickly responded with touching comments about empathy for the pain of the man they consider their own.

“God, I should have done this a few months ago. You may be the strongest person, but when it comes to your children, you fall apart very quickly. I’ll never forget our last look,” one person wrote. “It brought me to tears, brought back memories of one of the hardest days of my life,” another person said.

And that is something that only those who have experienced that deep and indescribable pain of seeing a child running away on all fours can understand how that person felt. At this moment, neither tattoos nor physical strength nor rudeness are worth anything…

This is when feelings come to the surface, and this heartbroken person managed to touch millions of compassionate hearts with his drama.
Although it hurts, we are comforted that this furry beauty received all the love in the world from him until his last breath.

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