Here’s what Ornella Muti, the sex symbol of Italian cinema, looks like today, appearing together with Delon and Celentano.

Ornella Muti was rightly considered one of the most beautiful women in Italian cinema. She celebrated her 58th birthday on March 9, 2023. Check out how the actress looks and what she is doing now. Ornella Muti was born in Rome, the daughter of a Neapolitan journalist, whose name is unknown, and a Baltic German woman, Ilse Krause, who was a sculptor and was born in Estonia. Muti started acting early: at the age of 14, she played the main role in the film “La donna più bella del mondo” about the Sicilian mafia. The director of this film, Damiano Damiani, invented a stage name for the young actress.

After all, her real name is Francesca Romana Rivelli. But the name of the actress Rivelli was already known in Italy. The turning point in her acting career came with the scandalous erotic drama “The Last Woman” (La dernière femme), in which Muti starred alongside Gérard Depardieu. However, the real success for Ornella came in the 1980s, when she appeared in films such as “The Misogynist” (Il bisbetico domato) and “Crazy with Love” (Innamorato pazzo), where her partner was Adriano Celentano, as well as “Swann in Love “ (Un amour de Swann), where she played with Alain Delon. She had a romance with Celentano on the set of The Misogynist, which eventually led to her divorce from her first husband, actor Allesio Orano. However, the relationship didn’t last long. “It’s normal for actors: love while filming,” Ornella noted at the time.

At the age of 19, Muti had her first daughter, Nike, out of wedlock and from a brief relationship with an unknown man. Apparently it was a grown, wealthy man, married, who cut off all contact with Ornella as soon as he found out she was expecting a child. Later, in her marriage to producer Federico Facchinetti, a son named Andrea and a daughter named Carolina were born. The family separated due to her husband’s gambling addiction. Muti has been in a relationship with entrepreneur Fabrice Kererwe since 2008. Nowadays, the actress continues to be active in films, attends social events and even tries to start her own businesses; In 2008 she started producing jewelry.

Domenica In, Ornella Muti preoccupata per la figlia: "Sono spaventata, non  mi va più di vivere così"

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