He hasn’t seen his daughter in four months and she arrived at the airport to be the first to meet him

Children are very emotional beings and all children want to have both parents near them. The child feels safe with his parents. The bond between parents and children is incredible, and parents do everything they can for their children. For a child, the father and mother are equally important, they have an equal role in the child’s development. And, when parents are absent, it is not easy for the child. Children immediately feel the absence of a single parent. This little girl doesn’t like her father’s job very much because he had to leave the house for weeks or even months.

This time, the father had to leave home for four months. His daughter missed her father a lot and the day her father came home, her mother decided to take her to the airport. The young girl could not stay still, she could not wait for her father. The mother filmed the meeting between father and daughter. When the father entered the waiting room, the daughter immediately noticed him and ran to hug him. She took her father in her arms and didn’t let him go for long. Father and daughter have a lot of affection for each other.

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