An 81-year-old guitarist surprises the store staff with an incredibly spontaneous performance

Have you ever learned to play an instrument? I didn’t, which is why I’m amazed every time I see someone play an instrument so skillfully.

And I was even more amazed when I saw this video of Bob Wood playing guitar in a music store. To put this into context, Bob probably learned to play guitar when The Beatles were at the height of their fame.

Even though the Beatles and their colleagues are no longer in their prime, Bob is still going strong!

However, Bob is no stranger to the scene. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, he was hired as a regular artist at Jamboree USA in Wheeling, West Virginia in 1970, where he performed regularly for ten years.

He was named Artist of the Year by Eastern States Country Music Inc. and was inducted into the Southern Legends Country Music Hall of Fame in 2007.

He has also released a number of albums, including the 1970s cult hit “Bob Wood Plays It Cool.”

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