While she was alive, the mother saved $120,000 for her son. After her death, the boy discovers the money is missing – Story of the Day

After his mother’s death, the boy discovers that her savings of $120,000 are missing, and he has no idea where they have gone until one day he checks his father’s phone.

There is nothing in the world like a mother’s love. Whether she takes care of our needs or stands by us in difficult times, we always find her there, don’t we?

Not to mention the fact that our mothers already know, even when we don’t say out loud what we are thinking, and always do everything they can to help us. That is why we are sharing this story with you today.

Jade Wright, 40, was everything we talked about above and more. She was a busy employee by day and a busy housewife by night, managing to combine household chores and work.

Jade’s husband, Arthur, worked in a factory, but after a leg injury he was confined to a wheelchair and unable to work. Because they needed to provide for their son, Caleb, and give him a good life, Jade offered Arthur any job he was offered, but he refused.

“I am a proud man! If I am given a low-paid job because I am disabled, I will NEVER take it! I don’t want to work in a wheelchair!” – he says.

Jade did not know what to say after that. She accepted her fate as it was and started looking for work. After several months of trying, she found a job as a secretary for the owner of a small computer company. She started saving part of her monthly salary to finance Caleb’s future education.

Jade had a hard time saving money as she had to cut back on all her needs. She rarely bought anything for herself and spent only on household needs. They lived modestly, but Jade made sure that after her son finished school he would have money for university.

“You see, Caleb,” she once told her son. “Mum and Dad can’t provide you with a luxurious life, but we’ll help you get an education so you can have a good life in the future. That’s a promise, well, at least on my part.”

Several years passed and Jade’s savings continued to grow. Eleven years later, the amount had grown to $120,000, by which time Caleb was only a few months away from graduating from high school.

Jade was looking forward to her son going to the university of his choice, but fate had other plans. One evening on her way home from work, she had a terrible accident and died before reaching the hospital. Caleb and Arthur were busy preparing her funeral and saying goodbye to her.

Losing his mother was a huge blow to Caleb, and he promised her in his prayers that he would make her proud of him! So after leaving school, Caleb tried his best and got into a good college!

“I did it, Mom! I did it!” – he said, crying at the sight of his results.

That day Caleb decided to check Jade’s funds because he needed money to pay his school fees. Their family members knew that Jade kept all her money in a cupboard drawer, not in a bank, so he knew where to look.

“Dad! Can I…”

When Caleb opened the bedroom door, he saw that his father was not at home. After Jade’s death, Arthur spent less time at home and sometimes disappeared to friends’ houses for days on end. Since he was still in a wheelchair, his friends often came looking for him. Caleb never intervened in Arthur’s life after Jade’s death, believing that his father deserved time and space to grieve.

The young man decided to check the funds in his father’s absence and inform him later, but when he looked in the box, there was nothing there! It was empty! “Where has all the money gone? I’m sure my mother kept it here!”.

In a panic, Caleb checked every cupboard and every corner of his parents’ room, but could not find the money. He thought Arthur must have kept the money somewhere else, so he waited until he got home.

“But I don’t know where the money is, Caleb!” – said his father. “Are you sure there’s no money?”

“No, Dad! They’re gone!” – said Caleb, crying.

“Then I’ll check with the bank. Maybe your mother put the money in the account without telling us,” he said.

Caleb felt something strange, though he didn’t know what it was. “Why is Daddy so calm when there’s no money?”

The next day, while Arthur was in the bathroom, Caleb decided to check his phone. Fortunately, there was no code on Arthur’s phone, which made it easier for his son. He started to check his father’s emails, but found nothing of substance. Then he checked his text messages and discovered the shocking truth.

Her father had a second family! He had another daughter and a woman, so he sometimes disappeared from home! In messages he lied to a woman called Linda, saying he was working in another state and could not spend time with her. And he transferred Jade’s savings to Linda’s account!

Caleb quickly took screenshots of all the messages and sent them to his number. Luckily, Linda’s address was in one of the messages and he decided to meet her to get his money back!


“Yes, how can I help you?” asked Linda, opening the door.

“How does it feel to have $120,000 in your account, Miss Linda? I must say your suitor is doing a great job!” He showed Linda his phone and told her everything, including how Jade had saved that money for him.

“Arthur is your father? I didn’t know he had another family!” – She cried. “And I didn’t know your mother had saved that money!”

“Stop pretending! I’m not an idiot, okay?”

“Caleb, I swear! Look, your father has to meet me next week…”. Linda invited Caleb the following week, the day Arthur was due to visit, and told him she had set up a hidden surveillance camera to catch him. Caleb didn’t want to believe her, but something in his heart told him that he had to do it.

“But if I find out you’re in cahoots with him, I’ll report you to the police!” – he warned her.

“Trust me! I’m not lying!” said Linda firmly.

The next week when Arthur visited Linda, she told him she wanted a divorce because he had lied and stolen his son’s money!

“What nonsense! I told you I was never married!”. He started to make up a story, but the truth caught him off guard when Caleb appeared before him.

Caleb called the police and presented evidence of his allegations. Arthur was not only arrested and taken into custody, but also lost his son forever.

Caleb, on the other hand, apologised to Linda and began to trust her. In time Linda and her daughter Hayley became his family and Linda officially adopted Caleb.

Arthur, on the other hand, found himself homeless after Caleb evicted him from the house. Fortunately, Jade was in charge of the family and owned the house, leaving it to Caleb in her will.

Karma had dealt a severe blow, and Arthur could not doubt it after this harsh life lesson.

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